Our goal is to be an "assortment of B-grade horror stories."
So come on! Let's all play golf together!

What is Kimogol?

KimodameshiGolf (Kimogol) is a horror game under development based on the concept of “Assortment of B-grade horror”.

The player goes to various haunted places and plays golf just for the heck of it.

It is not intended to solve the psychic phenomena that wind up in haunted places.

Just enjoy the golf!


The Kimodameshi Golf Club (a.k.a. “Kimogol”) is a very ordinary club that can be found anywhere at a certain university.

They are a group of young people who love golf and haunted places.

One day, Yuka, the founder and head of the Kimodameshi Golf Club, was killed in an unexpected accident.

The remaining members of the club grieved for days over the death of their department head.

But we cannot remain sad.

We must keep this club alive for the sake of the director.

The club members made up their minds and headed back to the haunted spot.


  • 1. 1 additional stroke is added when a player hits the ball.
  • 2. 1 shot is added when a character other than the player hits the ball.
  • 3. 1 additional stroke and penalty for OB and pond splash
  • 4. 1 shot is added when the ball position is reset.
  • 5. 1 life becomes 0, game is over.



Head of the Kimodameshi Golf Club.

She is the sister of the former head of the department who died and becomes the head of the department to carry on her sister’s will.

However, he does not believe in the existence of ghosts and really wants to play golf normally.


A member of the Kimodameshi Golf Club.

He is an occultist, but has no knowledge of golf.

He has no friends on campus, and the Kimodameshi golf club is his only place to be.


She was the former head of the Kimodameshi Golf Club and died in an accident, but even after her death, when Kimodameshi Golf starts, she appears out of nowhere and hits the club members’ balls on her own. Her nickname is Paisen. And she is a terrible golfer.


Stage: Park

You shouldn’t play hide and seek in that park.

Because you will be spirited away.

It was a famous story among the children living in the neighborhood.

I can hear the voices of children playing hide-and-seek from a park where no one is supposed to be.

I’m sure the spirits of the children who were spirited away and couldn’t return home are still wandering around this park…

That’s it! Let’s play golf!

Stage: Residence

Evil spirits dwell in that mansion.

It has long been a well-known story among those who live in the area.

Those who live in that mansion are possessed by evil spirits and will surely meet an unhappy end.

One day, a family with a young daughter moved in from another town. They live in that mansion of legend.

He didn’t seem to know about the evil spirits.

Soon after, his wife became ill and lay on the floor.

Her husband’s eccentric behavior became noticeable, and the surrounding residents began to distance themselves from the family.

Then tragedy struck.

The whole family died.

His wife had been decapitated and his daughter had been strangled to death.

Her husband had hanged himself.

Police said, It is likely that the husband killed the two people and then hanged himself.”

That mansion is cursed after all.

This is the turn of Kimodameshi Golf Club!

Stage: Graveyard

A cemetery that has been abandoned for many years. Rumor has it that the cemetery is haunted at night.

Previously, it was managed by the temple’s chief priest, but one day, all of them suddenly committed suicide by hanging themselves.

Since that day, some people say they have seen the supposed dead chief priests in the graveyard, while others say they were chased by a monster with a giant face.

Word spread quickly and no one went near the cemetery.

Is this rumor true? Let’s check it out while playing some golf!

Stage: School

A rural school that has depopulated and lost its children.

It has been many years since the school was closed.

The school building is in shambles and has an eerie atmosphere.

It is commonly rumored to be haunted.

One day, students from a nearby school decided to try out their luck at this abandoned school.

At first, the students enjoyed exploring the abandoned school, but then one by one they disappeared, and finally no one ever came out of the abandoned school.

It is rumored that the students are still wandering around, unable to leave the school.

OK! Let’s golf and see if the rumors are true!

More stages will be added in the future.


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